GPS Maps Updates – Free Download 2021-2022

GPS Maps Updates 2022

GPS Maps Updates is the topic for this post. Now, In this latest & advanced era of technologies, GPS plays an important role in navigation. Driving with an outdated map could affect your journey. In addition, Avoid new speed limits and lane / road changes by updating your maps at regular basis. Moreover, You can plan journeys with real time traffic density alerts. Firstly, Install GPS software on your computer to keep your sat nav up-to-date and manage all your content and services. Update your GPS maps whenever an update is available. Get accurate, latest & the updated data with latest updates. Garmin, Magellan, TomTom & Rand McNally are the leading vehicle GPS manufacturers. They offer free lifetime map updates.

Latest, most accurate and updated maps procedures from GPS Maps Updates

World is changing everyday with new structures developing at fast pace. New Buildings surround newly built roads. It is impossible for new users in town or passersby to keep pace with the changing landscape.

This is where GPS Maps Updates comes for your navigation devices help. You won’t believe but, a Dedicated team of 750000+ surveyors walk and drive the streets every day in an attempt to tame city information across the globe. OEM collects & recompiles the surveyor’s data around the world .New map releases contains the latest & the accurate data for your GPS device. Follow our step by step instructions to update almost any GPS. Let’s start the most user friendly approach to benefit less geeky users by breaking it down in several parts.

Determine OEM of GPS Maps Updates

Firstly, You need to know the Original Equipment Manufacturer of your GPS device. Because different manufactures follow different ways to update different units.

You can get to know the manufacturer of your GPS by looking for Brand tag on the device. In case of leading GPS devices, they have it printed on the front side of the unit. If you’re using a slightly less popular GPS, you might find the Brand name on the back side or in the battery compartment of the device.

Type Of GPS

Once you know the Brand of your GPS, it’s the time to check the type of your GPS device. New built cars come equipped with inbuilt GPS or Dashcam GPS. Inbuilt GPS has a display screen to show the maps & the menus. Dash Cam GPS have Dash Cameras to record the video & assist the vehicle in auto parking mode. Portable GPS can be mounted on almost every vehicle.

Inbuilt GPS

Some older cars use CD or DVD or SD cards to store map data. For example, In Acura TSX (Honda Accord), there is a DVD player. Zenrin provides the map for car also sells updates every year – they are a bit expensive, about $159 per disc, with occasional “specials” at $99). Instructions manual recommend to use it with the car’s console DVD player to update the built-in satellite navigation system maps. Follow instructions in the manual to install it using the menu on the screen.

Technically, cars does not have “inbuilt GPS”. It has a “satellite navigation” (termed “satnav”) system that receives the Global Positioning System (GPS) broadcasts on a GPS receiver. These broadcasts are not graphical maps, as commonly misunderstood, or anything with your particular car (i.e., the vehicle is not being “tracked”).

The satnav first calculates a “location fix” (latitude, longitude, height and time) from that received broadcast. Then, it’s used to show the vehicle location on the map of your car’s screen. Depending on the navigation system & geo location of the car, the satnav may also receive the broadcasts from other such systems, such as the Russian GLONASS, Chinese Beidu, and European Galileo (in 2020). All these systems, including the US government GPS, are termed GNSS generically. 

inbuilt car gps
inbuilt car gps

Dash Cam GPS

In case of Garmin Dash Cam 55, you need to first install Garmin Express on your computer. Then, connect your GPS with the computer. Use Stock usb cable. Download & install updates via Garmin Express. Apparently, In some cases you can use Garmin Drive App to update Garmin Dash Cam software. The App automatically checks for the updates after being paired with the camera. It will display a message when an update is available. See the device’s owner’s manual for instructions to pair the Dash Cam with the Garmin Drive App.

dash cam gps
dash cam gps

Portable GPS

Just like Dashcam, you first need to check for the latest updates. Then, download the OEM Map Update Software on your PC. After that, Transfer updates via usb or sd card. Follow instructions on the manual to install updates .

Portable GPS Maps Update
Portable GPS Maps Update

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