Lowrance Map Updates 2021-2022 – Free Download

Lowrance Map Updates

LOWRANCE Map Updates 2021 were rolled out with in july 2021. For HDS Live, HDS Carbon and Elite FS fish finders only. Including, a series of radar interface improvements. New features focus on safety, like Dangerous Target Alert updates, as well as several key product integrations.

New software includes, Genesis Live onscreen mapping to the touchscreens of HDS Carbon, HDS Gen3 and Elite Ti fish finder/chartplotters. The upgrade also includes smartphone notifications for HDS Carbon and enhanced engine integration for Carbon, Gen3 and Elite Ti.

The new radar improvements make it easier to view, track and monitor vessels. Obviously, It can identify vessels that may be a risk to the user’s course. New icons for the Automatic Identification System (AIS) and symbols for radar tracked targets allow greater clarity of risks. Combined into a unified view, on your screen. Therefore, New updates enhance connectivity and comfort. It control integrations with the ITC Lighting Control Bar, IP Cam-1 marine video camera and Honda ECO Mode. lowrance updates 2021

Lowrance Software Updates 2022 Latest Maps & Charts available :

Update Lowrance GPS
Update Lowrance GPS
  • Genesis Live mapping
  • Smartphone notifications*
  • Yamaha Integration (Phase 2)
  • Evinrude Engine Integratio
  • Fusion Ethernet Support*

*HDS Carbon only

C-MAP Genesis Live 2022

Update GPS Maps of your favorite fishing spot or map unmapped areas with 1/2-foot contours (real time) on the screen of your fish finder/chartplotter with C-MAP Genesis Live. Additionally, C-MAP Genesis is an improved version of the classical C-MAP. As a bonus, you can create your own fishing maps for your favorite fishing place with high-definition custom fishing maps. To do it, use the high definition fishing maps from sonar data. This sonar data is directly recorded in your GPS unit on your boat, if your sonar and GPS unit are compatible. Identify fish-holding humps and dangerously shallow areas with your custom depth shading. Anglers, fishing has never been so safe. The downloading of charts is free on C-MAP Genesis, don’t hesitate anymore and update your Lowrance imaging.

Lowrance Hook Updates 2022

Casual weekend anglers prefers Lowrance Hook range. It’s for freshwater, inshore coastal fishing and fishing (near-coastal) boats. Lowrance provides its Hook range with an autotuning sonar to enable you to double your broadband sonar coverage and find more fishes than with a classic sonar. C-MAP US mapping is pre-loaded. Finally, Lowrance Hook range is very easy to update & install.

Lowrance Elite Updates 2022

Lowrance Elite range is for “avid weekend Anglers”. Mainly used for fishing in freshwater or saltwater. You can also use your Lowrance Elite into deep and shallow water or for fishing boats and kayaks.

Therefore, Lowrance Elite Updated offers you a sonar develops with Active Imaging built with a side-scan and down-scan imaging. You can also use a smart target view, a wireless networking and above all, the smartphone notifications for a more comfortable fishing. Like the Lowrance Hook range of products, a preloaded C-MAP US Inland mapping is available and also a Genesis Live on screen mapping.

Lowrance HDS Live Map Updates 2022

You are a tournament and serious angler? Initially, You’ll appreciate the Lowrance HDS live range built on for freshwater and saltwater, but also for deep or shallow water. Finally, you can fish with all sizes of fishing boats. In this range, characteristics are improved. To offer an unique experience with clearest displays, fastest charts redraws and sonar update, an improved target view and C-Map US enhanced mapping with full coastal and inland imaging.

Why updating your Lowrance device is so important ?

Update Lowrance GPS for the most accurate results. It provides you a lot of current updates for the software. Update your Lowrance device is very important to improve the fishing quality and save money and time. Therefore, Don’t spend hours looking for fishes while you can find them easily with a Lowrance update.

How to update Lowrance GPS Maps in 2022 ?

Update Lowrance Maps 2021
Update Lowrance Maps 2021

Lowrance update is very easy. First step is to remove your SD card from your Lowrance device. Then, connect it to your computer so you can download the Lowrance updates.

If a Lowrance updated version is available, the update appears on your screen in the “software” category. Sometimes, there are several updates available for one device. Here, you just have to click on the Lowrance update you’d like to install. A small description of the Lowrance update is given with the update link. Click on the update link to download the new software version.

After downloading the update, extract the files from the zip file and copy it on your SD card. Then, remove the SD card from the computer and put it back on your Lowrance GPS. Once the SD card is in your unit, restart it. The unit will then start downloading the Lowrance software updates. While downloading, do not shut off the unit. Doing so could damage your device. Unit reboots after the update is downloaded. Some updates requires a reboot. To verify the Lowrance Software update 2021 success, go on the parameter to check the version of your software corresponding to the version downloaded.

New software have been released for high performance sonar modules. Including Structure Scan® 3D and SonarHub™. This release aligns the module software with the new 18.2 release for HDS Carbon and HDS Gen3 displays.

Where to find manuals for Lowrance GPS devices ?

The manuals are available from four locations

  • Firstly, Most products have the original hard copy manuals in the retail box.
  • Then, Most units have the Operator Manual pre-installed and directly viewable in the units.
  • Or, Manuals can be accessed from the new smartphone Lowrance App
  • Finally, You can download the manuals directly from Lowrance Official website.

Manuals are located in the “Downloads” section of Lowrance.com. 

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