Motonav Updates 2021-2022 – Free Download

Motorola Motonav Updates

Motonav Updates 2021-2022 is the topic for this content. MOTONAV Navigator helps you find the best route with GPS accuracy. It provides GPS Maps Updates. Motorola GPS systems are reliable & durable too.

  • Firstly, Get clear directions, 3D landmarks (in major cities, onTN700), and spoken street names.
  • Then, Make hands-free calls and send text messages with your phone using Bluetooth.
  • Thus, Locate a restaurant, nearest bank, gas station, or see businesses and other locations along your route.
  • Hereby, Save time and fuel, and avoid getting lost.
  • Now, Use MotoExtras Services to check the weather, fuel prices, flight status, and to use Google® local search.
  • Finally, Use voice prompted search powered by Bing™ to find local businesses, stock quotes, movie times, sports, and news headlines.

Motonav Traffic Updates :

Motorola Motonav Traffic Updates 2021
Motorola Motonav Traffic Updates

MOTONAV™ traffic service gives you streaming traffic updates. With traffic service, you can minimize or avoid traffic delays, such as:

  • Congested roads
  • accidents
  • construction
  • road closures
  • weather

Therefore, If delays are detected on your route, the traffic service shows you alternate routes to save you time. Traffic service is included with MOTONAV model numbers that end in “t”. And with the purchase of a charging cradle with built-in traffic receiver.

Note: Your device must be in the charging cradle and plugged in to the car charger to receive traffic information. For instructions about putting your device into a charging cradle, see the Quick Start Guide for your MOTONAV device

How do I use the MotoExtras features ?  

MotoExtras allows you to stay up on weather, flight status, and fuel prices.

Similarly, Your device includes 3 months free of MotoExtras, which you can renew online after your 3 months are up.

Thus, Use Naviextras to purchase MotoExtras for your device.

MotoExtras updates :

  • Weather
  • Fuel prices
  • Flight status

Note: Connect your device with a Bluetooth enabled phone to receive information.

To use MotoExtras:

  1. Firstly, Tap the map.
  2. After that, Tap Main Menu.
  3. Finally, Select WeatherFlight status, or Fuel prices.

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